Vienna is the perfect location for a Model European Union. Conveniently placed as a hub in central Europe, Vienna is an ideal place to meet people from all over the EU. As one of the Top 20 visited cities in the world and Top 10 in Europe, Vienna is known for its historical sights and high standard of living. And with about 50% of the city being green space, you can always find a nice calm spot to relax.

Picture of the State Opera

State Opera, picture under creative Commons licence by infraredhorsebite

From one of the Headquarters of the United Nations to OPEC and OSCE, the city hosts international organisations and facilitates international networking. On top of beeing one of the most visited cities by tourists Vienna is a popular venue for congresses and international meetings. Additionally the  Vienna Model United Nations is one of the largest simulations of its kind.


You can find more than 20 different Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in this city and the University of Vienna is getting closer to cracking the 100.000 student mark every year. That many students of course lead to a vibrant and lively culture of clubs, bars and places to be. But with both mountains (or some say hills), woods and the danube river close by, you can escape the loud city easily. And with public transport and free city bikes all over you can get anywhere you like easily and without a car.

We are looking forward to welcome you to Vienna and show you what the city has to offer!